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Jamie Black

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The Real Estate Partner You Need!

Hi! I'm Jamie Black of Coldwell Banker Advantage One Properties. I am a lifelong resident of Lane County with brief stints away in Central Oregon and Southern Arizona. I have a great love for our area and enjoy the incredible benefits that Lane County has to offer in outdoor activities, arts & entertainment, and of course, the wide variety of food trucks!

After 16 years in Real Estate Marketing and Advertising, I made the jump to active Real Estate Broker. I began my real estate career working as an assistant to a very driven and successful Principal Broker. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn quickly, do A LOT of paperwork, and work with many active real estate buyers and sellers. I have extensive knowledge of home marketing and advertising, the local real estate market, and I am very familiar with many areas of Eugene/ Springfield and Lane County.

As your trusted, professional real estate partner, I will help you find the best home in your desired area within your price range. Together we will sell your current home as quickly and easily as possible.

Whether you are hoping to buy or planning to sell, give me a call today for help with all of your real estate needs!